Blender + VirtuaLight

(Xtra) #1

Hi all!

This is my first attempt to use Blender and VirtuaLight. What do you think?


(BgDM) #2

Not too bad at all. I could never get it to work properly. Never tried hard enough, is more like it. :wink:

Can we see some different angles to get better looking caustics?


(dickie) #3

not bad!
a better angle would do this render some
fat justice!
very nice.

(Xtra) #4

What do you mean with a better angel? Camera position? Object angle? I think caustics are mainly dependent on the amount of photons and the caustics value, but not on the angel.


(BgDM) #5

Yeah, change the camera angle. Instead of looking at it straight on, look at it from a more perspective view, or something else.

With a different camera angle, the light will reflect, refract differently to the point of view, and thus, the caustics will change, (i.e. hold a glass to the light and move it around, it changes constantly).