Blender + VL glass (updated 12-26-02) pg2

(paradox) #1

I seen glass recently rendered with Lightflow and POV so I decided to put one up created in Blender and rendered with Virtualight. I’m still leanring Virtualight so there is probablly other Blender-Virtualight users with better glass so feel free to add your blender VL pictures to this thread.
This will give people a chance to compare the different external renderers out there.
I changed my variations page on my site to one called Blender + Virtualight. There are two pictures in there Wineglass and Wineglass2
Both were done using caustics and dispersement. Wineglass2 is almost the same scene except I decided to make the wall more mirror like.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
As always at my site click on thumbnail to see larger version.

Since I’m showing more than one picture I didn’t embed and image here, sorry.

(Enzoblue) #2

Seems your IOR is a bit high. Also, (this is lightflow language), your diffused transmission/reflections should be black and your raytraced transmissions/reflections should be white. You have grey in there somewhere and glass doesn’t have grey in it. Find whatever is set to grey and change it. :smiley:

The speclar reflections are more plastic than glass too.

Hope this helps…

(paradox) #3

Thank you Enzoblue for your comments. That grey was bugging me too.
My IOR was wrong. I’ve handled the grey now to tweek the other settings and I’ll post an update sometime tonight. Prob should have put this in WIP first. Oh well. By the way when you said it looked more like plastic than glass is that because the spec highlights were too big? or is it something else?

(paradox) #4

I reworked the wineglass 2. Here is the update
Hope this looks better.

(Enzoblue) #5

Lookin better. Maybe make it more transparent? Or change the table top color for contrast? Glass is tough, grr.

About the spectral highlights, they are too smooth. In lightflow there is a Spectral smoothness control you can lower, and a spectral gain you can make higher to make them sharper. Maybe you have these in VL.

Are you using Fresnel btw? If not, try it.

(basse) #6

it looks like it’s solid…


(S68) #7

The last update looks very good, from the thumbnail… I didn’t manage to get the full size version :frowning:

Keep it up


(paradox) #8

Thanks for the feedback. Slowly but surely it is changing. I’ll work more on it tomorrow. Enzoblue you’re right glass is hard. I’ll work on the spec highlights more. Also a point about the picture. There is only one glass in the picture the background is more of a mirror. A couple of people who looked at it thought it was 2 glasses on one table. Thanks S68, but about that not being able to get a look at the bigger version was that your connection or computer? If you click on the thumbnail the bigger picture should show up. Although it is getting better I’m not going to quit until I get it right or looks right at least.

(S68) #9

must have been a momentary lapse of connection :slight_smile:

I can see it now.

Nice. Good looking glass (the lat one) and good caustics everywhere.

I can’t get why you have a very tiny specular highlight on the rim, I expected TWO of them because on a rim like the one you modeled you should have two specular points…

Then, it would definitely improve with some setting.


(sten) #10

hey, that is nice beginning…

I couldn’t do it better myself…

I hope you learn alot from these external renders,
I myself dislekes them…

(paradox) #11

2 more updates, figured out dispersion while adding to caustics in this scene was messing up my IOR.

and a link to the page for anyone to see progress

Boy who ever said glass is hard wasn’t kidding. I’ll check into why dispersion was effecting my glass the way it was. But this project will be on hold for awhile, I’m going back to the project me and my son was working on in WIP ship leaving planet. I’ll return in the future to more glass in a better scene. In the meantime any comments and suggestions are welcome and anyone using VL who might be able to help me out on the dispersion thing drop me an email or PM. Thanks

(S68) #12

Good the first of last post, second is too ‘gray’

The caustic below the foot is strange, why shoud the whole base of the glass should be so bright?


(paradox) #13

Thanks S68 very puzzling stuff glass. The glass in the second may appear more gray because it is reflecting the room so needs some adjustment. As for the bright foot of the glass you got me, maybe the lamp is shining more there maybe the light is bounceing around in there.
Anyway I appreciate the comments. This will continue because it is such a challenge and I am learing so much about 3D and glass and Virtualight.
I appreciate all the comments, suggestions, criticisms and positive feedback.

(S68) #14

Yup, there is a background, but it is beige… it should not appear gray in the reflection :o

Anyway… I like LightFlow much

so sad it’s not being developed since long


(paradox) #15

Thanks S68, yes does look grey doesn’t it, I’ll work on that when I get back to this subject. Didn’t mean to get caught up in this so much as I was working on something else. Thought I would take a short break and do a few glass tests. Ha, turned into more than a few. :slight_smile: Glad you like lightflow, haven’t tryed it yet but learning VL is keeping me busy.

(ec2) #16

Great renders, I will keep checking for more.

(paradox) #17

Thanks ec2

(Phrangkk) #18

here’s something I come up with in YaFRay!

still a work in progress

It’s a large image but a small size jpeg 42k

(paradox) #19

Very nice. Yafray has lots of promise. I’ll have to check into it. Our choices of external renderers/raytracers is certainly growing, giving us lots of choices. I’m finding they are worth the time to learn to use as they give us more tools to use with Blender. Thanks for sharing Phrangkk

(ec2) #20

Very nice. I might check out Yafray. The images on the site look really great. I wish I was more technical in terms of scripting and programming. Therein lies the power of all these applications. I’m one of those guys who has picked up so many things but have mastered none really.

I just got into the povanim script, and I’m learning it some, but VL & Yafray look really good also.