Blender-Vray basic video tutorial

Hi guys,

I decided to capture a quick “howto” on how to use the VrayMaya demo version with Bdancer’s script “vray for blender”, in case you wanna give it a ride. English/Spanish versions available.

Stuff required:
Exporter’s official site:

Latest version of the script:

Testscene used in the tutorial:

Vray’s official site (to create the account):

Or get the demos directly from these links:
32 bits:

64 bits:

English version:6 min 29 secs, 14 mb, windows media video:…lender_eng.wmv

Spanish version: 7 min 17 secs, 16mb, windows media video:

Hope to create another VT soon explaining basic material creation, lighting options, etc, right now I’m driving Andrey crazy with my emails and questions, trying to learn as much as I can about Vray!


Caronte just published a nice little app that helps out doing the “2007 trick”. I’m quoting his words here:

While an updated VRay demo is out…
I programmed a little utility to change the date automatically while VRay is working.

Put “toback.exe” on the same folder where vray.exe exists and instead vray.exe, choose toback.exe in the exporter script. That’s all!

Anybody can mirror this freeware proggie.

Linux use rar and zip file , please use this format !

Actually 7z is a great format, much better then zip and rar.
And Linux supports it quite well.

Sheesh, it’s open source and it’s got real good compression.

Tis a myth. The file never really existed, did it?:cool:

thx for the video

for you info
the link to the spanish video isn’t correct, it currently points the english version instead

Thanks for all the comments guys. About 7zip, it was Andrey’z pick for compression of his scene files, and yup, 7zip is well supported under Linux :wink:

Thanks for pointing out the wrong link. It’s fixed now :wink:

Also, check Andrey’s site for the latest version of his script. He just added support for DOF and Caustics:
Download link:


PS. Vray just launched their new website and many things changed. One of the changes was to remove the demos but they say newer versions will be available by April the 20th. Meanwhile please use the direct links in the first post.
where is this file? broken link

Nice work. Now I can use V-ray with blender!

arrrgghhh, dunno what’s wrong with the links I post, one thing shows up in text and another underneath it in the hyperlink. It’s been fixed above. Here’s the link again:


ps. Probably with the new demos out you won’t need to change the date back.

grate tutorial ! keep up the good job

did anybody tested the new version?
Do you have experience on vista 64?
I cannot make it work although the older version worked fine.
now i get error message: Windows cannot find C:\Program…
but I make the paths correctly during installation and in script.

thank you for any help


Great job man!
Thanks ist down :frowning: is down as well, What are the odds!

Does anybody have copy of the latest exportscript and tutorial ?

ah that is not good !!!

Just to everybody know, here is the new site: