Blender VRML export

:-? Can anyone tell me if blender exports to vrml 2.0? I know it can export to .vrm but the file it produces is not compatible with a program called Wirefusion that reads vrml 2.0 or 97.

I am trying to produce 3d interactive website contents using blender and Wirefusion, using blender to construct and texture stuff. (Wirefusion 2.0 was given away free a while back on 3dworld magazine, u should check it out it lets you make java applets real easy! 8) )

Can anyone point me in the direction of a blender .blend to .obj file converter? then I can get my hands on a .obj to vrml 2.0 converter (taking the long way round! :wink: )


Blend the rules.

If you want the script then let me know and
i will send it to you.

Crossroads 3D


It converts .blend to .obj? It’d b cool if u could send me that 8)

Can you email it to me? Cheers! I gotta go find me a .obj - vrm converta now… :smiley:

Accutrans is an excellent converter. Not sure about VRML 2. I think it will do that.

I have a little VRML2.0 export for Blender2.25. It exports meshes only with UV textures. But you can use it so extend it your self.
It is called .txt since I cannot upload a .py.

How can I get blender 2.25 because I also wanna export 3d to vrml because I’ve got a programm to create from vrml 2.0 a realtime 3d for internet with 3danywhere so where can I get blender 2.25 :smiley:

I believe the most current verison is 2.23 which you can find at

where ow where did this script go!!!
need it need i need it!!!