Blender VRML importing not working.

Blender will not load any VRML models. It does not matter what format models are in, VRML 97, 1.0 or 2.0, Blender will not load them. When I try to load them in Blender it says “unknown filetype or error” and to check the console. This is what console says: In BPY_call_importloader<name=C:\Documents and Settings…mymodel.wrl

I have most current version of Blender and Python.

The reason I am trying to import VRML to Blender is because I want Quake 3 Bsps in Milkshape format. q3 Radiant is the easiest and best level maker out there but I need bsps in Milkshape format. I used the q3 to VRML converter which works, but no program has been able to load them. (I have tried 3ds Max 7, PolyTrans, AccuTrans3d, 3dExploration, CrossRoads3d, UltimateUnwrap3d. vrmltopov flat out crashes (it is a MS-DOS program, it displays and then self-terminates.)) 3ds Max 7 has loaded other vrml files but not the q3 vrml files. One more thing to note is the q3 vrml files can be loaded and read in WordPad, whilst the other vrml file/s (that 3dsMax7 can load) are complete gibberish with random alphanumeric characters.