Blender vs 3dsMax Among us battle scene - which software is better?

Hi guys!

In this video, an innocent (and 100% non-scripted) banter between DJ and Andrew changes into a serious DCCs beef. Guys really like their software and are always ready to prove their point. Luckily, rather than using pistols, they decided to compete who would make a better Among Us game illustration.

DJ used Blender and Cycles and Andrew worked in 3ds Max and V-ray. If you would like to make a comparison of these softwares and see how guys’ workflows look like, check out the video!

Who won?


The “better” software is the one that enables you to get the job done and get paid. :smiley:


I would add that the “better” software is also the one you know how to use and is available to you.
Even better would be to learn both and substance, zbrush etc Then you can use whichever tool gets the specific job done more efficiently.

They are tools for artists, the better the artist the better the results. Competition is good for development as it forces companies to strive on.
So for me “long live Blender” and “long live 3Dmax” and digital art programs in general.

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Yeah … lots of people get caught up in “versus.” Even though that’s never what actually happens.

Software products almost never “replace” each other. They’re tools to do a job, and there’s more than one way to do that job. Once a company or even an artist establishes “a way that works,” and begins to build up a catalog of assets and expertise, they continue to “dance with the one who brung 'ya,” and that’s the right decision.

I standardized on Blender. But, if I was being paid to assist in a project that was based on 3DS or Maya or what-have-you, I would “use what they use.” And that would be the right decision. Even the slightest problem with “data compatibility,” or even “differences of opinion” between one product and the next, would be intolerably costly. “On your boat, Cap’n, we do things your way.” :anchor:

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that "the customer is delighted." :+1:

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I’m pretty sure vs. threads have not been allowed on this forum for a while (because of how heated things can get between fans of app. A and users of app. B).

Rules change though, so I am not sure if the forum is now seen as civil enough to handle such debate.

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Blender is definitely better

I’m not going to throw my dog into this fight. I’m here just for the blood and gore.

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I haven’t used 3DSMax in years so I have no dog in this fight.

Hi Ace_Dragon.

I wasn’t aware of this rule (Andrew here), but we made some comparison so I think it wasn’t just stirring in the ant nest :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your opinions guys!