Blender vs Apple Motion?

Hi, I haven’t had time to start learning Blender yet something always came up :slightly_frowning_face:

But I would like to ask the forum as what does Blender have more than Apple Motion?

Are the two even comparable?

I recently saw that the new version of Motion and has breakage of materials capabilities and as a film maker that’s all I really need … effects like building collapsing, cars crashing and it seems that motion may be able to do this.

HOWEVER, I find Motion complicated and if one is to use Motion given all its complexities I think h’es better off sticking to it and not venture too much with other softwares.

So my question is, given the complexity of Motion, would I be better off using Blender or Motion? And would I be shortchanging myself in terms of unavailable features if I go with Motion?

Basically I’m looking for feedback from someone who can share some interesting points of views based on his experience in using both softwares and provide some guidance on which would be a better choice for me. I would only want to learn one of them.