Blender Vs. Blender CAB

What’s the difference between the regular version of blender and the character animation build?

The Character Animation build the following tools in it: MatchBone for automatically matching the start of one animation NLA strip with another, Multiply NLA mode which makes layering strips more useful, and Action Baking (buggy), which allows you to bake object-level motion into bone-level motion, and lets you bake NLA down to a single NLA strip.

And those tools can’t be builded in the regular edition of Blender?

Hello. I´m new at this forum, I did´t know about this version:eek:, where can I find it:confused: or how can I build it:confused:

Since the demise of, you can only get it from my website:

lubrio: to get this stuff to work, I had to do “bad” things to the Blender sources that aren’t appropriate for the main, stable release, or for children under 10. Ton plans to incorporate this functionality and more, but it will be when those sections of Blender are rewritten with a better architecture.