Blender vs cc4 realtime animation

I was wondering why is it that blender can’t render in realtime animation vs CC4 (Character Creato 4) ?

I mean eevee engine not cycles since cycles is understandable, but that even eevee can’t. Is the blender render done so poorly that this is the reason for it or what ?
Theb est way to view realtime animation in blender is ofcourse “viewport shadin” this i know just wondering why even eevee has such hard time.

Go read this:


My uneducated guess is that CC4 is a very specialized tool, so it’s easier to optimize for performance. Blender is an all-purpose 3D app, and that’s probably a lot harder to optimize for all cases?

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I use eevee for stylization, cycles for another type of stylized result. I use unreal engine for another type of stylized, because on unreal engine I can use fresnel SSS thats pretty fast and the stylized materials are completely different.
I think, just use whatever works bro. Unreal engine is sort of an in between from eevee and cycles, obviously waay faster than both of them.

I forgot to mention that I mean character only in blender nothing else than character just like in cc4 nothing else.

with foliage it is understandable.

Joseph’s link I think explains this issue pretty much fully thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Even though technologies like EEVEE use the same hardware that game-engines do, they do so with an entirely different purpose and therefore entirely different requirements.

A “game engine” wants to create a convincing-enough rendition of: “the army of disembodied mad goons that are dead-set to blow you off the planet,” while you, while playing, desperately fight back. The engine must produce results at so-many frames per second, so the algorithms must execute [much …] faster than that.

Whereas EEVEE (et al …) wants to create a movie that you and your BFF can enjoy watching over popcorn and drinks.

Quite a different situation.

Fundamentally, a game engine has a “need for speed” which demands that it take quite a very-different approach to rendering the same scene that a system like EEVEE would need to use. Even though the same underlying hardware is the same.