Blender vs Cycles Render - Imported 3d Models

I have an ocean scene that I got from a previous student in my research group on which to display ships. The scene renders well (using CYCLES render) for the ship model that came with it (see Ship_Cycles_Render.png), but when I delete the ship that came with the file and insert a 3d model from (e.g. in any format (.3ds, .obj or .dae) the ship textures won’t render (see Ship_Cycles_Render_downloaded_model.png).

However, when I render a new scene containing only the downloaded model using the BLENDER renderer, the textures render perfectly (see Ship_Blender_Render.png). I need a realistic ocean scene for my project (I’m just using Blender to create test data, this isn’t the actual project), though not necessarily this scene specifically.

How can I get both the scene and the downloaded ship models at once?

Thanks in advance for your help!


You have to use cycles materials in the cycles render and blender render materials in the blender renderer, you cannot mix them.

The materials for imported objects will not work with cycles though some material settings will work in the blender renderer

Option 1
Remake the non working materials for the renderer you want to use

Option 2
Try using this converter