Blender vs Maya, (i don't get it)

From what i see on Youtube, tutorials and time lapses, minus some automation you can do just as much on Blender as you can in Maya. And then some…

It bugs me that Maya costs 3500$ when, an almost equivalent Blender, costs absolutely nothing.

I really love it when i see big companies using Blender to make production movies.

The only thing that Maya has over blender is automation and presets, from what i see… And maybe better mesh deformation with bones.

Does anyone else follow me?


Maya also doesn’t crash every 5 minutes, and it also has plugins that WORK as opposed to throwing up the “Python Error, check console”. It also has exporters to file types people have actually heard of.

But would I pay $3500 for it? Nah…

If you’re making a movie and have professional (i.e., paid) animators the cost of software is a trivial part of your overall budget. If the expensive program works slightly better for the effects you want, or if your animators can work slightly faster (perhaps because they had training with that software), you’ll pay $3500/seat without hesitation. Sorry, that’s the way it is.

Are you talking about Blender 2.49, Blender2.5 Alpha 0 or Blender2.5 Alpha1?

The latest 2.5 builds don’t crash even near as much as Alpha 0 or even Alpha 1, the only time I’ve ever gotten repeatable crashes with the latest builds is after hooking/unhooking tons of logic bricks together as well as creating/deleting tons, and most people don’t use the BGE.

Any other crashes is me trying to do something rediculous and Blender runs out of memory. (and some stuff in the render25 branch pertaining to new rendering features but that was before the part where related crashes get tackled)

All in all Blender2.5 is getting more and more stable, crashes are getting less and less overall.

My experience generally tends to be the opposite way around, but meh. :confused:

what I really wanted to say though is that 'this a rather pointless thread
and people can try and use forum search. :slight_smile:

Yah, this Blender is very weak software, Maya ooh! now that is impressive piece of smooth running beauty, it never crashes or has problems of any kind!!! Plus it is open source so, if you have problem…you can just fix it!!! I love this the Maya! It is so versatile, easy to use, and expandable. Everyone should quit using Blender and get there copy…Today!

{–this message brought to you by an unofficial Autodesk advocate, no affiliation with Autodesk, it’s copyrights or subsidiaries is expressed or implied, and yes in case you are wondering, this message will self destruct–}

Maya is industry standard. Most things it does are so specialised that you and 99% of the Blender community will never need to use them, but they are critical to create a movie.

So your statement is both true and false. Yes Blender is appropriate for most things, no its not a replacement or even competition to Maya at this stage.

Blender can do a lot - Maya with the plug ins can do a lot more and that better.

Blender has a good animation and model system and a pathetically bad render engine
compared to todays standard.

But VRay and Maya are commercial programs paid full time programmers work on.
Blender is free and most people contributing code do it for free.

So in the relation ship money vs product Blender is very very good. Just not as good.

Point. If Blender would be so good everybody would use it.

Can we end this thread now?

Too true this statement, yes end the thread, but before you go, consider this math:

Giant team loaded with money + Maya = Movie.

One man + Maya = A still picture, maybe a short film. (maybe)

One man + Blender = Commercials, Games, short films.

Small team + Blender = Anything they can dream of…Go Durian!


Point. If Blender would be so good everybody would use it.

Not really. Short term usage is far more impacted by personal taste and experience, and the demands of existing pipelines, availability of trained individuals, and numerous other factors that have zero to do with the capabilities of the software.

For instance XSI is arguably superior to Maya in pretty much every way, yet its growth is quite slow.


What does “industry standard” mean?


Blender 2.5 is better than Maya, because it’s industry standart.

There are stable commercial rules in this world IMHO. Water or oil? Cars need to oil. Why? Because oil is more valuable than water?

Money-based world requires industry standard packages. :smiley:

Are you being serious right now, or have you just never used Maya on a Mac? Sometimes Maya will just close completely for no apparent reason whatsoever

The software with the best workflow for a single user or small team does not necessarily have the best workflow for a large studio with hundreds of artists. Blender hasnt ever really been tested or developed with a user base like that in mind.

yeah blender is realy powerfull and for a small project it wont make any recognizable difference but i can imagine why its so prefered in a big production environment. and i think its not only because of autodesks advertisement power or the fact that so many people are well familiar with maya.
but also things like the hypershade, connection editor, driven key editor and the extreme tight integration of mel makes it realy fast and flexible in combining, automating and even coding all sort of things. also mayas UI might be realy ugly but it is well organized and realy not too hard to learn.

anyway i love blender and the growing strength of 2.5 :smiley: so i stoped working(also because of its huge prize) with maya and am realy glad that there is not much i am missing (in fact there is the same amount of great features ive been missing from blender when working in maya)

but i realy think its not only because of the fact that nobody realy knows blender or all big production houses are so conservative. i realy think there are logical reasons concerning the productivity and possibilities of maya.


a part of it is also that Blender only became mature relatively recently. Two years is a very short time. Another reason is migration difficulty - relearning navigation habits is difficult.


Blender’s import/export scripts are mostly written in python. Therefore they suck with big files (either hang or take an exceedingly long time)

When i came to use Maya at first, i was overwhelmed by the hope of creative power i felt from. But after a serious look at it i came to analyse it in a different way:
• Maya learning curve is harsh, if you feel the need to be immediatly creative.
• Autodeask bought Maya. That was a very bad sign for Mac users (since Autodesk made poor dev on Mac platform).
• Maya is an industry app, not an artist’s one therefor inadapted and much too expensive.
• Few other apps work pretty well on Mac and allow nice artistic deliriums for much lower price.
• I found Blender. First i rejected it because of it’s totally closed 2.4x interface.
• 2 years later, i wanted more creative power but had even less monney and gave Blender a second chance.

Now, if i had really that much monney, would i wish again to buy Maya?
By no means!
For my needs, Blender is excellent and even gets better and better EVERY day (since people are working damn hard to pour out new builds on a day to day pace).


of course was what I said a more general approach.
Few applications are better, and in todays time Maya is not the only tool
in the pipeline. That part I left out because I felt it would go to deep into this
Blender VS subject.

Really not contributing towards anything with thread.

Personally, I think there should be no vs threads in the General Discussion area.

Thanks everyone, i wanted to see what everyone thought about that topic.