Blender vs. Maya vs. 3d studio max

First, I do not want to offend anybody with these topic. Second, I only want to know the members idea with regards to 3d, maya and blender because I have not use the other 2 3d developing software. I just want some ideas. I hope I won’t get flamed by this topic. Good day :slight_smile:

sorry only used blender.

as for the other software, i have been turning heads with blender, more than people have with the other software (at my university)

so i put it down to the artist in the end. making use of what they have.


I just got into 3d modeling so I have no Idea with other progs :expressionless:

No offense, but please do a search for these topics before you post another one.

There are way too many of these “Blender vs.” threads here.

You can find all the info that you want in those other posts.



sorry, we have had to many of these already…