Blender vs Maya vs 3DMax

Guys I am a relative newbie to Blender and have never tried any other software except Sketchup lol, so my question is are those expensive 3D modeling programs (maya and 3d max) much better than blender and if so than how?

I’m not trying to say that Blender is bad - its really good and if I didn’t find it on the net, I’d probably never know anything about 3d modeling.:smiley:

And how many threads have we had about this?

Maya is the industry standard for 3D productions, Max is the industry standard for game developers.

Both have things you’d love and hate, they have the same interfaces with things like 5 layer menus.

Upgrades and initial purchases are expensive, 3000 bucks or so for initial purchases, Autodesk loves money.

that is a good question but difficult to answer, especially here on (as you shall find out 10 or 20 replies into this post?).
To my knowledge, there has never been anyone qualified to answer that question because it is somewhat doubtful that one would dedicate weeks of research to make a well put together comparison chart.
There is one floating on the net but it puts blender in last place, stating arguments that make no sense to me. Once in a while, Autodesk invites us to sit in on an product demonstration and i’m always amazed on how much work they put into their products. Titles like Maya, 3dsmax, MotionBuilder, Toxic to name a fiew, receive countless man hours to make them work “together”.
The last time i went, the speaker mentioned that their (Autodesk’s) goal was to have a perfect integration between Maya and 3dsmax. Both applications can export to MotionBuilder as well as exporting the animated meshes back for rendering.

For serious studios, motion capture is not a luxury but a must. A motion capture rig alone employs at least a handful of people and then there is the expensive hardware to process that data. Also, large studios who use Autodesk’s titles, brake their staff into groups that specialise in various stages of production and therefore are able to produce well put together content.
This would be hard for blender users because usually, the person creating the content has to model, texture, animate, light and render it. Make the adjustments and then assemble the final animation.
I think that if artists employed by the larger production houses would know the power of blender, they would probably be well off to use it like a “plugin” as blender does some things seriously well.
Quick example. I watched a 3dsmas user once model a pipe that needed to be 90 degrees bent towards one end. In blender, you would be able to do this fast and most of all efficient by only adding the vertexes needed to make a smooth bend.

I believe that over the next maybe five years we will see much better applications for 3D content creation than what we have now. Blender has done very well given the resources and hard times Ton had to deal with over the years.
If a team could be assembled that can produce professional grade documentation, blender would be an attractive package in any studio. Maya and 3dsmax come with hundreds of MEGs of documentation in HTML format and again, as i mentioned at the beginning, they dedicate much man power into that department to keep things up to date.

What ever you learn with blender, you can take right with you if you ever feel the need to explore Softimage XSI or Autodesk or Cinema4D … the list goes on. Anyway, my render is almost done … got to go :slight_smile:

We should seriously make a app chart and prevent those posts.

Nothing against you GRoss - but those threads were created many many times.
But you posting it shows that besides them the point seems not to be communicated
well where Blender stands.

This would also help to place Blender according to its strengths and weaknesses.

I think that the best thing to say is, “you just named three professional-grade 3D applications.” At this point in time, I have no hesitation in making such a statement: Blender Has Arrived.

Now… different studios, doing different things in different mediums, have different needs, and they have those needs for many, many years. (A single film might be in production for five years or more.) They develop not only a large library of digital assets but also a great deal of operator-expertise. All of this is highly specific, not just to a particular product but to specific versions of that product. (A project usually does not change anything during-production, because there might at any time be the need to “pick-up a shot” that was done many years earlier.) We’re talking about terabytes of work-product that’s worth many millions of dollars… and irreplaceable.

The established workflow of a particular studio, then, will determine the only product that they are likely to be using for production. “When in Rome, you will have to do as the Romans do.” (You can also expect the Romans to train you about their pipeline.)

But I’ll guarantee you this… everyone knows about Blender now. Everyone. They might be using it somewhere. They might have employees who are contributing code or some other effort to it. And in any case, Blender is a terrific training-tool, because no matter what they are doing in their production pipeline, Blender probably supports that same feature or something quite like it.

Sure… Pixar and Dreamworks and all those cats have lots of peculiar goodies, and house-built customizations and heaven-knows what-else to enable them to do what they do and at the image-size they do it at. “Blender doesn’t go there,” and it’s silly to imagine that it would. But if you understand Blender very well, you’re going to understand most … :eek: … of what they’re talking about and doing.

If they’re doing video work, I’d be willing to lay a bet that the tool which they are using for production … is … Blender.

Blender Has Arrived.

Wow that a lot of replies! Sorry for posting another thread similar to others cekuhnen, but I did a quick search before posting and couldnt find any useful ones. A chart comparing those 3 would be great to give an objective assessment of their performance and functions.
As I understand from your replies, for noobish, home-made projects like mine Blender is the way to go.

…Blender FTW!:wink:

Blender wins mainly because you don’t have to pay a cent, but Maya has access to the industry standard Mental Ray which makes Maya a winner for almost every major production house and 3D training school.

The only reason people think Max and Maya are significantly better than Blender - especially NOW, since blender has been so radically improved in the past several years - is that those two apps cost thousands of dollars.

That’s it. There’s a fancy website with a bulletpoint list and they have fancy little galleries and stuff, but the main thing is the fact that they cost money, and in this world it’s money that matters. If the Blender Foundation went and paid for advertising in 3D trade magazines and on the web people would probably take it more seriously, and if they charged a thousand bucks people would take them more seriously. But it’s free and it’s mainly word-of-mouth, so no one thinks it’s actually as good as people claim it is.

it’s all in your head, man…

Could you elaborate on “they”? Do you mean Pixar and Dreamworks?

How much money do you have???

here is the chart:


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Someone NEEDS to make a sticky about this somewhere. One of the mods should make one which links to the page basse just gave and then delete any threads like this.

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all the programs you mentioned have their strengths and weaknesses.

The cost (as any pro will tell you) of the app is not a strength or weakness unless you are strapped for cash. it’s an investment in your business which you will be able to offset against the amount of money you make by using it.

If as you say you’re not going to be hitting the “blender ceiling” then there is no reason to waste money and time getting used to a new programme.

Good luck with whatever programme you decide to use - no matter which one it is, your Blender experience will stand you in good stead.


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if you’re looking for a comparison chart, here is two:

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