Blender VS other programs...

Before the army I used 3D’s Max 3.1, it was long time ago.
Now that I moved to GNU/Linux 2 years ago I use Blender and I love it !
The problem is that most of the 3d jobs in my country involves using 3Dmax and Maya which I don’t want to use.

Still I have some questions :
I see that Blender has made huge steps in the recent years and now it’s better then ever, on the other hand I haven’t played with 3dmax since version 3.1 and I assume that now in version 9 it has improved a lot, I didn’t try Maya so I can’t tell.
I want to know how Blender compares to other 3D programs like 3DMax and Maya in every aspect you can tell me (I know about the Free source and 0 prise so tell me other things like modeling, animation, rendering easy of use and so on…).
How hard is it to find a job in Blender ?

For our sadness Blender is not widely used in professional projects like games and movies, yes sure it is used but not nearly as 3Dmax and Maya.
What preventing Blender to be more widely used ? isn’t it good as the other programs ?
I know it has been used in Spiderman3 (or 2) and other movies movie, but only for storyboard and not for the actual effects.
It is however used in community or low budget projects, but why not in others ?


max has a horrendously slow work flow compared to blender and the interface is all over the place. cannot comment on maya becouse i havent used it.

maxes bone system is horrendous becouse the bones are just standard objects, so its quite easy to mess something up. there is no “default pose” as far s i can tell

blender can do 80-90% of what max can, this is especially true after the major advancements which have been hapaning recently

Not for nothing, but this type of question is going to lead to fanboyism at teh site you post it in. I’m not saying the above post is inaccurate (I don’t know), but what I do know is that he didn’t say one good thing about the other programs, and if you think the pro’s are using something that doesn’t have a good thing going for it…you’d be wrong.

My suggestion- Reword the question. For example, here at you could ask simply why people use blender over another app or what makes blender better than other similar apps. This is going to stimulate fanboyism as well, which is why you ask the exact same question at another forum regarding the other apps you mention. Go to (or any other 3d webstie for that matter) and ask why the majority of people there use thier prefered app and what makes it better than the other apps.

You’ll get tons of fanboyism both ways, but by following my suggestion, you can see what the majority of people feel is good about thier proggy of choice…and then you can compare the two (or more) lists that were comprised by the people using thier proggy.

Just my .02

Maxddark, there’s nothing stopping you from using more than one program. If you can only get a job using Max or Maya, than that’s a good reason to learn. You can always use Blender at home for personal projects. Maybe, after you get established in a company, you can introduce them to Blender.

I honestly think the reason Blender isn’t added to companies workflow is because they have already spent their x amount of dollars on the system they run now. Changing to a new software and re-training everyone on it would be costly. I think they go by the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

Maya and MAX have their strengths over Blender, and Blender has its strengths over Maya and MAX. I have never used MAX all that much (I can’t stand the workflow) so I can say what is better or what is worse. Maya seems to handle high poly meshes better than Blender does (it does on my PC anyway). We could all go back and forth about what software does what better, but I think it all comes down to personal preference.

Well, Maya has a “personal learning edition”,
so you can try it for yourself:

But if blender continues to grow the way it does now,
blender might be industry-standard before 2015 :evilgrin:.
you should check out “plumiferos”. Its a
full-length CG-movie in the making, made with blender.

No offense, but we have many of these threads and we also don’t allow them, as they tend to lead to flame wars, etc.