Blender vs. SketchUp

SketchUp is not made to create extremely high detailed or production ready models.

To quickly build houses it can be used however it cannot compare to the toolset
systems like professional cad systems have for architecture where.

Now in contrast to the beginning sketchup has some good new approaches and sketching
architecture is pretty fast.

You sketch with SU you do not design with sketchup.

Those terms sound similar but are not the same bu nature depending on the depth of your work.

Well you can design a visualization of a cube boolean a sphere in sketchup.
True - but does it make it a design tool?


the term is limited true. When a software does not support the tools you can use the rest as much as you want but you will not get close to it.

Because of that the term it is the user not the software is a false statement in many areas.

Or do you want to say that Blender is good to design a spacecraft? No it does not have any engineering features at all.

Can Blender render some good stuff yes, but it cannot render everything other systems can render like VRay results or Maxwell.

One has to be very very careful with using that term and setting parameters to limit what you compare. Lets say Interface and workflow in Maya and Blender. Here it might be a matter of the user getting used to the way Blender works compared to other systems.

But if you compare Blenders node system and render engine with the MentalRay or VRay network in Maya you will quickly see that there are some strong differences in capabilities - while Blender is catching up.

I’ve only worked with sketchup a little bit - and I’ve only imported a few of my models into Blender.

Sketchup is great, perfect for simple architecture designs, landscape designs, etc. The only problem is
how much topology it hides by default. Remember to unhide a lot of stuff, if you plan on using it in Blender or something else. The topology can get pretty hairy with curved surfaces in particular.

Hi cekuhnen,
I think you are thinking at very low level about design process. I don’t want to argue about this but you need to know those links:

About visualization (i think blender should be better):


yeah i was just giving an example, i know its not entirely correct but to someone knew its an easier explanation.

i think the main aim is so that materials and models are interchangeable so that thewy dont need to be set up on every occasion as lux and indigo need at the moment, like an emit value of 0.1 is uniform in all packages and not 0.1 in blender, 0.01 in lux, 0.0000001 in indigo 0.000000^99 in sketchup.

or i read something like that lol :stuck_out_tongue:

edit like how you can swap between vray mental ray max,maya,vue and not need to reconfigure materials in each?


noticed that the overall tune is “to quickly visualize” a concept in those links you provided?

SketchUp is great for that but it cannot be used for production.

You can use SketchUp to yes design a stage and make a blue print, you can make a wood house model and print later out some blue print which can be used to cut the wood.

But the main goal is to quickly sketch out an idea in 3D. Often from that other steps are than used to design the product. Those concepts for sports are concepts, which you can draw also by hand if you want. No need of sketchup. Is the pen than a design tool already?

Like in interior design where our students sketch maybe a space to visually make decisions on placement
but the main heavy duty work which is used than for contract plans is done in AutoCAD.

And as I said SketchUp is a good tool for space design to quickly evaluate or visualize designs.

But for product design for example? Not so sure.

You see the point I have. It is the same as calling everything already fine arts or art.
It cannot - you need to make differences.