Blender VSE doesn't reload video/audio after Pc shutdown

Hey guys,
I’ve got a problem with reloading a file after I’ve shut down my pc:
When I edit a video, save it as a blend file and shut down my computer everything seems ok. But when I re-open the file, a day or two later, Blender doesn’t ‘load’ the video’s.
I can see the video and audio on the channels, that’s normal, like when I stopped editing the day before, but when I hit the playbutton, I don’t see nor hear the video.

Blender VSE’s green cursor goes along all the video and audio, but I can’t see/hear what I (have) edit(ed).
In summary, I have to start all over again every time I re-open a file, because the file that I made the day before, is useless.

I hope someone with more experience can help me, I would be very grateful!

More likely a display switch wrong, what happens when you press f12 do you get a rendered frame?

Try going to the info window bar at the top, press file > External Data > Find Missing Files, then let it search for a while.

While you are in that menu try “Make All Paths Relative” too.

Hi David,

Thanks a lot, I did the ‘find missing files’ thing, and Blender reported that all files were missing.
I copied all the videos that I use in the file from there original folder (which was a different one from the folder where I saved the blender video edit) to the folder where I save the blender files, and that helps.
I think I have to place all the videos that I use in the same folder on my pc as where the blender file is located, is that correct?

Already thanks for your help!!