Blender VSE needs an update!!!

Blender’s VSE is so stupid to use. You can’t even add a text the same way you do it in, ie. Pinnacle Studio.

It should be an easy matter to add that feature into Blender (though I can’t because I can’t write Python language).

What about adding a feature to Blender’s VSE adding a simple text/title on screen, inside the VSE, instead of this tedious way of doing stuff (making a text in GIMP/Paint, then export as JPG/PNG and add the text into VSE as an image or by Alpha Over the text made in 3D View)?

I’m just asking…

It would be nice to have some actual video editing software as VSE is supposed to be.

It’s one of the things that’s seen a lot more in FOSS compared to commercial software, people who have developed it in the past leave the scene and the code is orphaned (because there’s few options to direct volunteers to certain areas outside of their main interest without turning them off completely).

I know back in the 2.4x days someone worked to enhance the functionality and fix it up, but he left a few years later. However, the one known as Psy-Fi has made a branch to work on enhancements for it as part of new Open Movie Project.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

It would be nice to see in VSE, though.

you simply do text in blender by creating a scene and doing text in that. Then import that scene through the add menu. You can even animate it.

There is an addon i think its called vse quick functions that allows you to edit titles right there in the vse.

  1. With the conventional method, all I get is a darkened image, because I have to change the opacity of my scene with my text on it, and the text gets transparent. I don’t want that. This happens with for example the Alpha Over Node.

How can I fix that?

  1. I tried the addon in 2.71, but it gives me this error when I try the Quicktitling:

Error: Traceback, on line 866.

You have all of Blender to do whatever you want - anything you make in Blender can be inserted in the VSE through a film strip, or rendered out to frames from the compositor and reinserted in the VSE to mux with audio… if you only look at the VSE by itself, then yes there are limitations.

Hi philosopher,

Contact the author of this addon because there are a lot of errors with addon update with Blender 2.71.
It’s normal, the authors don’t make the update with Blender release.

        if (len(childrennames) > 0):            row = layout.row()
            row.label("Children: "+childrennames[0])
            index = 1
            while index < len(childrennames):
                row = layout.row()
                index = index + 1

It’s an error about the VSE panel in the Sequence editor.

Bye bye

Thanks for the answers. Btw, I figured out to solve the opacity problem with my text getting transparent: I have to set my scene (with the text) to transparent in Render panel.

Check out the tutorials in my sig as well as the addon mentioned above. And here is the specific title tut I made last year

And in general you are right the VSE is not a fully featured video editor like pinnacle or Vegas or fcpx etc. but that is because it is not supposed to be a video editor. It was designed as an animation string out tool. Where you can add music for timing throughout the rest of the application. Anything else is just icing on the cake and you should be grateful I guess. Otherwise there a number of excellent addons that enhance the VSE functionality, I suggest that you try the VSE addons page to check them out.

I just finished closing credits and a credit roll for a Award winning movie in Blender mostly. It was a joy to do since Blender loaded and thrown about 8k photographs used in the title animation in realtime, while After effects choked in crashed because of the scrolling background that was more than 20k pixels in width. Text was mostly imported from SVG and animated in Blender. Everything was rendered in Cycles and in 2k it was like 1s per frame. Only thing I had problems with was that viewport in ‘Material’ mode didn’t display animated transparency correctly, which reminds me that I need to make a bug report on that.

dont forget if you do the text in bi just hit shadeless and you dont have to worry about lighting. Also text needs an outline or small half transperent background to show properly over video footage.

Honestly, I have Pinnacle on my machine and never use it anymore. Blenders VSE seems to do everything I want. There’s more there then meets the eye and what you need are a few tutorials.