Blender VSE (video editing); 2D Titles: *complete* introduction, .blends (updated)!

Since my tutorials/.blends now always seem to get stuck forever (previous one for months already) in the tutorials section (moderation queue) I now decided to post them here:

Video Editing Preset v0.1.1: [B]Download the .blend[/B]

(Now with “More” for “moving beyond the basics”, read the blog post for details.)

Read a (short) happy user’s comment here.

2D Title Presets: [B]Download the .blend

[/B](Minor addition to: “The simplest way to use this file”.)

Read a very happy user’s comment here: (“This works brilliantly… (…) There’s no need to understand blender to use this…”)

Feedback for improving these tutorials/.blends welcome…

Thanks to Paul from the BUG blog for hosting these .blends!

See also for future updates etc.!


I thought it was only my tutorials that never appeared. Glad to hear it was it is not just me.
I gave up writing tutorials because they never get approved.

Yes, that’s very frustrating…

Here a suggestion for the moderators: have one “approved” and one "not yet checked but available category. If other users like a tutorial they can recommend it and it e.g. gets approved automatically. This helps the moderators and allows users to actually see the tutorials that get posted.

I’d understand if my tutorial was rejected (though I would like to know why), but simply not posting it and posting all the others is kind of… not so nice!

I agree 100% with this suggestion!!

Cool suggestion, the more access to current tutorials, then better.

Maybe you could post your suggestion in the “Website & Forum” section where it will stand out better.

we have lost couple of moderators, and i am not actually sure if there is anyone taking care of the section even… have to get on to that.