Blender walk cycle plz critique

The title says it all

please tell me what i need to improve on im new to blender so by technical to :ba:

Hi there, not a bad start, the hips are moving back and forth in a confusing way, the arms are very stiff and aren’t moving in arcs. Also, he doesn’t feel like he has any weight. Open up the IPO editor and have a look at the curves for your various controls, are they smooth and flow-y, or are they lumpy and chunky? Hope that helps, don’t get discouraged, it takes practice…

I’m giving a talk at Atlanta Linux Fest on using reference video for animation, this next weekend. I’ll make my slides available…but, the idea is, film yourself and then study your parts and how they move. Walk cycles are very hard, mine are always rejected the first few rounds, so keep tweaking.

thanks fat finger ill try to see if i can fix what you said

you need to see a good tutorial on walk cycle or a good book. It has the basic movements but you need to take some delay on some part of the character. He is to robotic and come down without really feeling his body shape or weight.
Try to see also some frames from 2d animations, you will notice that the parts of the body never move together but with sensible dealys.
You got the basice pose: “A” shape of the legs and crossing point, now you have to try to make smoother the acting of the character.


Knowing how to use the software actually has very little to do with it.

Thoroughly understanding the principles of animation has EVERYTHING to do with it :slight_smile:

Try recording yourself casually walking and use that as a reference. Then try exaggerating it a bit. If you don’t have access to a camera, then you can also just play around with it in a mirror.

Your character moves very awkwardly right now. He’s very robotic, and there are no arcs. Also, when someone walks, they typically don’t stay completely straight. There’s some back and forth movement of the body, and the head bobbles a bit. The body also leans side-to-side a bit.

Try standing up and just lifting your left leg. You will fall over if you don’t lean on the leg that is on the ground. The same principle applies in creating walk-cycles. Your character needs to balance on the leg that’s currently on the ground.

The arms are very very stiff, and they could swing a bit more. You’ll see what I mean when you record yourself walking :). Also, I would love to see some slight wrist movement to make it a bit more fluid.

Good luck! It’s a great start!

I hope this helped :smiley: