Blender walkable environment in web browser?

hey yall!

I have been looking into Blend4web and Verge3D and i cant seem to answer a simple question by doing a initial skim through demos and tutorial videos.

Can these tools (or any other tool for that matter) take your blender environment and put it on the web and allow users to walk around in it like a 1st person video game. I don’t care about any game type objects or really much interactivity, i just want to be able to walk around like you do in a video game. use the arrows to walk, use the mouse to look around, that kind of thing.

I’ve seen this kind of thing done in unity like in this site:
and I want to do something similar, but I don’t want to learn unity! I already know blender!

Thank you so much for any feedback and insight!

yes, of course. and they are much less bloated than unity.

any recommendations for software to get started to do it?
Seems like blend4web only supports up to blender 2.79