Blender wallpaper

Rendered in Blender and the words are added in Photoshop… no post-process.

Looks pretty cool man, like the atmosphere. Downloaded it already.

Just a suggestion… Since you have focused your theme on blender 2.40, I would have liked to have seen some of the results of the 2.40 's cool new features in this, for example fluids, hair or fur, and new animation system features overlayed tastefully in post pro, not just suzanne models rendered… But like I said, just a suggestion.

It looks great man!

You have a good point… I’ll keep that in mind. :smiley: I thought it’d be cool to promote Blender by using it as a wallpaper. :smiley: Who knows if I’ll come up with something random for the wallpaper again. :smiley: Thanks again.

no post-process? :wink: You did add the text :stuck_out_tongue:
I think that the text “created by DreamMaster” is placed too middle. It should be more of a signature IMO. Nice pic anyhow.

Suzanne! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Got tired of the Mage warrior, eh? :]

Nice rust material and lighting.
Idd, the credits are too visible.
Looks great.
We need more wallpapers.

Ok i’ll make my credit less noticable next time. And yeah I got tired of mage warrior and plus I have a job as modeller and texturer for a game now so I don’t really have much energy for my own project anymore.

Thanks… I’ll make more wallpapers someday. :smiley:

Good luck!
Juding from your website I thought you were still a student,
but well, some people have all the luck :]

Yes I’m still a student. :smiley: I just got a job for that… well kinda freelancer, but I have something to do.
Also I just got hired for part time job as well… I need to update my website… all happened within 2 weeks. :o