Blender was working, now it does nothing - compatibility?

I have a Mac Powerbook G4 running Mac OSX Tiger.
I had previously installed Blender 2.37 and it was working fine.
Since I last used blender I installed the trial version of Maya 7 just to try it out and the next time I went back to use Blender I found that Blender would load but wouldn’t do anything. Some of the menus in the menu bar will highlight but if you select them nothing happens.

I removed blender, downloaded it again and “reinstalled” but that did not fix the problem.

Does anyone know of any compatibility problems between Blender and Maya? Is there anything in particular I should be doing to uninstall/reinstall Blender besides removing its folder from the Applications directory?


I know nothing about Macs, but it sounds like Maya modified some shared/system files (like OpenGL drivers, or whatever).

It’s not particularly uncommon (especially on PCs) for unscrupulous developers to modify shared librarys to work particularly well with their application (nevermind that it breaks other applications). Or, for older software, to simply overwrite your newer shared library with an older one.

Just my best guess…

It might not have been Maya. Have you installed other software(s) between your last use of Blender and installing Maya?