Blender Web Cam

So not sure if somthing like this would be possible, but maybe in the near future. I always wonder how some of these models get made or textured. And I always think how great it would be to be able to see whats going on, on somone elses computer screen as they work.
I just think it would be cool if elysiun had some kind of category called web cam (along with the other buttons- home, news, specials, galleries, forum) and you could click on it and it would have maybe 10 different screens of people working and you could sit in and watch them work, and how they work.
So just was wondering if somthing like this was even possible, is it possible to have a web cam fixed onto someones monitor so they could broadcast what they are doing. or is it possible to connect directly to the computer monitor and broadcast through that.
i just think that would be a very cool additon to elysiun, to have planned times when people could get on and work and others could sit in and mabey at the end have a chat with the artist and put in some questions.
that would be cool as hell, and with technology changing all the time it proably isnt too far off where a forum like this will exist, cant wait!

Well with certain video cards you can capture whats on the screen and then maybe they could host the movie on the site.

cool idea!

the thing is, personally, i work pretty eratically… dunno about everyone else…

but then… i dunno,

its worth a try i guess, it’d be cool to watch.

yea, u’d best not watch me. You’ll get so confused after seeing me flip through about 30 different windows doing 30 different things! LoL

There’s a feature in either Anim8tor or Art of Illusion, I for get which,
That lets you make a video of your work in progress. Maybe something like this could be added to Blender.

If you watched a screen capture of me blending you’d probably spend most of your time reading #blenderchat anyway, so just get xchat and cut out the middleman :wink:

I normally use a screen capture tool set on a low fps. A separate cam is probably better because screen captures tend to slow down your machine a bit. The thing is, if you filmed the whole process from start to finish of a model, you’d probably get bored. That’s why people usually just post steps of the process because the in between parts are usually obvious but can be tedious. A bit like Big Brother really.

I suppose it could be handy to see the workflow others use but you could pick up bad habits too if you watch a bad modeller at work. I reckon such a thing might also weigh down on the Elysiun bandwidth. Wouldn’t it slow down the site to have streaming webcams?

I’m not really a fan of streaming stuff because of the rubbish quality. Movie clips are much better and then you can save them and refer to them as you do your own modelling.

i think that a actuall filmed movie would be a good idea but would proably be a huge file to download.
i was thinking more of elysiun could have a schedual and links of who will be working and what times to watch, and then the artists would have to support the cam show on there own web space.
i wasnt really thinking of start to finish, but just someone saying hey i have a model i will be working on from 3 to 4pm and if you want to watch feel free to come by.
that type of thing. i think it would be worth a shot.

I think so many of us multitask that it would be pointless. For instance, anyone who views mine would be exposed to a lot of religion from one of the sites I visit. They would also get tired of seeing me play test a game after I change the background or move one object.

Well, I tried the webcam thingy some days ago, to show Olimario how to make glass. But he could only see what is made, not how. Due to the bad camera quality (it’s still a good cam). A button (or a already existing program) wich make a screenshot when clicking on it (so you decide when - not when chatting) and automaticly make a movie out of it. But this is probably already somewhere on the internet.

I have to say that you can learn a lot with it. I didn’t get endi’s wicked “alt s” (kaleidoscoop or somethin like that) technique till he posted a video…

Not really. It depends on how you compress it. I’ve managed to compress a 15 minute file into 20MB (~25kbytes/sec) at around 320x240 MPEG-4, 15fps. Standard dial-up is about 5kbytes/sec so it might take a while with that but all broadband services would be fine.

The thing about screen capture is you can get away with 5fps so it might even work for dial-up. The thing that bothers me about the cam idea is you don’t have a reference when you’re done and if you miss a step, it’s easier to rewind a movie clip and go through it slowly.

Some of the so-called real-time web cams on the web are actually just movie clips too. They are largely the same thing except the movie clip doesn’t have to do the real-time compression and is therefore faster and higher quality.

I agree with dwmitch too. I tend to mess about with stuff so my workflow is all over the place.

i would love to see for my self how it would look, anyone willing to give a show, if so post a time and link on where to go, and if possible a breif explination of what your show will be on. hopfully there will be someone willing to give it a shot!

also to give some quick ideas on the problems stated so far
#1 lots of people saying that it would be hard to tell whats going on due to constant distractions, i would think if someone was going to do a cam show i really would hope that they realize that people are watching and just concentrate on blender, and not all the sudden go to some porn site or start playing solitare all the sudden, it is not really that hard. i didnt mean leave your cam on all day. i ment have a time set up were you turn you cam on do your example and finish. it would be organized.

#2 with people not being able to tell whats going on, i think a lot of web cams come with software that you can chat at the same time. so you could do something then say this is how i did it, and state what buttons you pushed.

this would be a very cool addition to elysiun, and tons of people could learn a lot!