Blender web player

Hey, i have downloaded that web player plugin thing.
But i dont now how to use it:S
Someone there now a tut or something? I want to make my own game with it:D

HTML Code for Running the Web Plugin
< OBJECT classid=“clsid:5DB05CB8-7751-469D-A1DD-45C8C201C013”
codeBase=“,25,4,0” id=“BlenderPlayer” width=“480” height=“450”>
< param name=“blenderURL” value=“my.blend”>
width=“480” height=“400” src=“my.blend”>

###My blend equals the name of your game###

Isn’t it true that the web plug-in only works with games created in an older version (2.25)?

@skuntz: Yeah, you have to use Blender 2.25 unless you’re using the 2.42 alpha plugin (IE only, limited functionality).

Here’s some stuff to help you out:

In-depth documentation from the Blender Publisher 2.28 manual. (Reading this will probably tell you everything you want to know about how to use the plugin.) Official Web-Plugin page (which includes links to the following)