Blender website back up again!!

(Timothy) #1

Hey everyone,

As some of you may have noticed the Blender website has been down since the weekend.

I got a e-mail from NaN today about why it’s been down, and when they expect it to be up again.

Partially due to maintenance (over the weekend), and
due to re-negotiating the contract with the provider
(yesterday), was the site offline for a few days.
According to ViaNetworks it will be back online today.
I still don’t see anything, it might be tomorrow
morning then…

so basicly the webserver will be online again tomorrow (or tonight). (note that this doesn’t mean the entire website will be back up again, it will probably be the same statement as you saw lastweek)

Timothy Kanters

(blenderanim) #2

Thanks for the update. I was just checking on that.

Do you know what’s up with Blendermania? I checked yesterday and was able to get to some of the forums. It looks like it is down today.


(Timothy) #3

no idea what is happening to,…

([email protected]) #4

Thanks for the info, Kib. :smiley:


(Timothy) #5

Blender website is back up again

([email protected]) #6

o great so they bring the site back up and the wealth of info they had on there still isnt available i suck come on peoplpe have mersy on the rubbish people lol i need to learn… i only learned how to use nurbs last night and that was a total failure even so…lol must get better

(cvdb) #7

Good thing is back on line!
It’s been my home page for the past…5 years? and I didn’t feel
like changing it… :wink:

(Sprite) #8

I agree with you [email protected], but you can find a lot of the information that they used to offer on other people’s websites now. Just look hard enough, and you’ll find them. :slight_smile: For example, is hosting a lot of the fine tutorials that once had.

(nzrevenge) #9

Oh yes… The learning curve…

I have had blender for… Well it might be better to say that I only learnt how to add a plane about 5 days ago… Just trying things without tutorials is NOT recommended for any other newbies out there…

After 5 days of serious blending, I am well on my way to creating a spaceship. You can stop groaning now! I still don’t understand a lot of the commands and tools available in blender, but I’m happy to finally have extrusion, rotation, scaling and all that other mesh stuff pretty much sorted… Just don’t ask about the other stuff…

Anyhow… If you have just gotten Blender, one of the best things you can do is get your best friend into it too. Make sure you both have either ICQ/Yahoo/MSN Messenger and leave that running as you work. Whenever you run into a problem, work together to fix it. Send each the .blend files, direct each other to web sites and show each other your renders, it’ll give you both something to aim for.

Don’t have a willing friend? I’d be happy to help!
ICQ: 39423479
MSN: [email protected]