Blender Week Day Challenge #0021 (VOTING CLOSED)

Welcome to the voting for the Blender Week Day Challenge #0021, entries thread here.

Completed Entries

(Lizard + Cup and Saucer)

(Cup and Saucer (wf) + Rook + Rook (wf) + Cup and Saucer)

(Man Hole with Cover + Man Hole with Cover (wf) + Rook + Rook (wf))

(Cup and Saucer + Lizard)

Late Post by meschoyez

See for more info…

the blend file… :wink: (in curves)

This time i think it’ll be hard to decide… i like all them. I hope that the next challenge i can do al models, and IN time.

appended to the voting thread :slight_smile:

edit: whoops, thought you had posted in the entries thread :smiley: (it’s a friday, i’m tired… lol) :wink:

Would it help if i gave my blend file aswell? My Lizard has multilirs/multilayers/ you know what i mean so poly count is a bit high.

if you send me a link to the blends I’ll post them up, if you can’t host it anywhere send it to me at [email protected] and I’ll host it for you under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported Licence

Congratulations to SpynalTom, BWDC #21’s winner!