Blender Week Day Challenge #0022 (ENTRIES CLOSED)

Welcome to the Blender Week Day Challenge #0022!

The list is made up of three organic and three inorganic topics and participants choose one of each category to model. Participants need to pick two items off the list to model (one from each category).

For examples of previous entries please see the gallery

All the models should be original. You can use any software you want as long as you use Blender somewhere in your modeling workflow. Also please state any non-blender software you have used for your model.

If you’re feeling generous why not add the models you create for this challenge to the Official Blender Model Repository and if you want to make your blend files available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported Licence just email them to me at [email protected] and I’ll host them on the website.

Any wireframes posted will be added to the voting thread (If you don’t know how to make a wireframe check out the tutorial)

Check out the website for the full list of rules, challenge archives and all the latest news.

Note: If you post up more than one render of your model (excluding wireframes) please state which one we should use for the voting thread.

Deadline: 18:00 GMT (12:00 Noon Central Time) Friday 25th January 2008


Box of Screws

i’m in again!

im in for the first time

Whew! Just made it. Thank you farmerjoe.


This is my first entry to one of these contests
The box of screws is made and rendered completely in blender, with no textures.
The sunflower is made and rendered completely in blender, with some blender textures used (blend) and a sky texture;)


Great work Fishcake.

I still think a untextured version (except for displacement, normal and bump maps) should be provided by all in order to be able to judge the modelling better.


Finished some entries in time, started on late Tuesday, and I worked on the organic first, so the “non-organic” entry is “Of lesser Quality”, but in retrospect I had loads of fun making the sunflower.



Box of Screws:


I tried a different method for the box of screws wire, not sure I like it, but its interesting... 

Please forgive the huge images... :confused:


Love your sunflower. Are you going to release it under CC? Please do since I’d love to play with it for animation.

Hello, my first time for this contest too.

Here are my entries.


I’m extending the deadline by four hours as I’ll be late getting back home tonight.

The new deadline is 22:00 GMT (16:00 Central Time) Friday 25th January 2008

All done in blender, except Inkscape for the spiral in the sunflower.
Textures used just for colour and normal mapping.
Wireframes shown with subsurf and the sunflower dupliframes turned off.

All of the broadsword is extruded cubes or circles, with normal texture added to the handle.

The centre is two spirals with modified cubes dupliframed around them. Some frames are missed out to leave the gaps and make it look a bit less regular.
The petals are extruded cubes. I created four different ones, duplicated them, arranged them around the spirals, and then with proportional editing turned on reshaped them all a little bit to be different.
Stalk and bud are again extruded cubes with some static particles on the stalk, the leaves are planes.
All have a slight normal texture added to create a bit of random lumpiness.

Links to the blend files:

Edeehem - looks like you found the same Claymore reference image on Wikipedia that I did, and even positioned it the same way! I knew I should have used a slightly more obscure source… Your sunflower link doesn’t work by the way.

i don’t have the time this week :frowning:
Good entry all…Edeehem the material of your broadsword is very good.
Can all post the preview? The image in real dimension, make the page slow to download, confused and difficult to scroll.
Thk u

>>Neil: What a coincidence lol :slight_smile: Sounds like we both typed the same keywords in google. We also happened to chose the same subjects. It’s a small world out there!

Love your sunflower though and it’s nice to see a different take on the same reference image !

Mine here… my hand… it hurts… but i came at last with these… i was UV mapping the coconut, if i have it on time i’ll post it. But here is all i have right now. i believe that i can participate without good materials :wink:


entries closed