Blender Week Day Challenge #0030 (ENTRIES CLOSED)

Welcome to the Blender Week Day Challenge #0030!

The list is made up of three organic and three inorganic topics and participants choose one of each category to model. Participants need to pick two items off the list to model (one from each category).

For examples of previous entries please see the gallery

All the models should be original. You can use any software you want as long as you use Blender somewhere in your modeling workflow. Also please state any non-blender software you have used for your model.

If you’re feeling generous why not add the models you create for this challenge to the Official Blender Model Repository and if you want to make your blend files available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported Licence just email them to me at [email protected] and I’ll host them on the website.

Any wireframes posted will be added to the voting thread (If you don’t know how to make a wireframe check out the tutorial)

Check out the website for the full list of rules, challenge archives and all the latest news.

Note: If you post up more than one render of your model (excluding wireframes) please state which one we should use for the voting thread.

Deadline: 18:00 GMT (12:00 Noon Central Time) Friday 21st March 2008



Cricket Stumps
Fishing Lure
Space Shuttle

PS: Do you like my new avatar? Yup, that’ s me!

Here is my mango! Working on the fishing lure now…

Edit: Lure is done!

Edit again: Removed the old one with AO, it was too bright and didn’t really add anything (except a longer render time).


I will try to finish this cartoon figure for animation (self drawed):

Like Irfan i had a nice day on the ISS:

Images are self drawed(?) ?
Good luck everyone!

I fear your texturing skills Brammie22 xP
Okay here’s my lazy entries

Already done!:smiley: Easy entries this time…:confused:
Here are the pics!:smiley:
Vote for Brammie!
:spin: Brammie22:spin:


@ Brammie

Nice job on those Mango textures! Did you build those yourself?

Here is the first model. The organic one will be posted when I finish it…:smiley:

@ nfollmer:
Yup, made by myself and totally procedurial! :slight_smile:
I’ m happy with the result.
I filled that whole texture box!
Good luck everyone!

if anybody has spare time this week, can you think up some topics to use in future challenges?
I keep quite a long list to choose from but I’m running out of the ideas for the easy ones like mangos to give you all! :wink:

EDIT: plz pm me with your ideas

Cool ship Irfan. I would turn down the spec, or decrease the light so its not so harsh on the shuttle, but its lookin good.

I am finishing my mango and shutter. I know I am over the time limit. Any chance to extend it a couple of hours?

This is my model of a mango of Manila. I am developing the procedural material in the working area of the Open Material Repository.

This is my model of the shutter. I will texture it and put it in a scene, in a separate message so you can see the time and decide if it can participate in the contest.


Ok, this is the scene with the shuttle. It is March 22, 4:07 GMT. I want to apologize to all members of this forum for my misunderstanding of the rules. It is the first time I participate and I had assumed that I could count with the weekend. If this image can not be included in the voting, at least the learning and the practice were invaluable.

IMO for the next challenge the deadline should be extended until at least Saturday midnight (GMT). This challenge is quite encouraging, can participate users of all levels, and the contribution of stuff for the community is stimulated. I will open a thread for the mango material I am working at Blender Open Material Repository.

If anyone thinks that my shuttle model is worth to be shared, just let me know.


entries closed…
sorry about being late, I’ve been offline since yesterday