Blender Week Day Challenge #0036 (VOTING CLOSED)

Welcome to the voting for the Blender Week Day Challenge #0036, entries thread here.

Completed Entries

(Bottle of Milk (wf) + Bottle of Milk + Spider + Spider (wf))

(Candle (clay) + Candle + Spider + Spider (wf))

(Spider + Choc Chip Cookies)

(Spider + Choc Chip Cookies + Spider)

Partial Entries

(Pine Cone + Pine Cone (wf))


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Congratulations to Lumpycow, Challenge #0036’s winner

Congratulations! The candle was just too good to beat. I noticed I was getting a surge towards the end … we would have had to a have a spider race to break the tie (and mine is clean-shaven with a lower center of gravity, so …)

Ha! thanks… I thought the same thing when i saw your render… g60… I had to make the candle good XD… besides I have wanted to make a drippy candle for a long time… this was the right opportunity… btw my spider isn’t even an accurate spider in any sense i just put it together with the elements and added fur… yours looks far more realistic… excellent entries.