Blender Week Day Challenge #0070 (ENTRIES CLOSED)
Welcome to the Blender Week Day Challenge #0070!

The list is made up of three organic and three inorganic topics and participants choose one of each category to model. Participants need to pick two items off the list to model (one from each category).

For examples of previous entries please see the gallery

All the models should be original. You can use any software you want as long as you use Blender somewhere in your modeling workflow. Also please state any non-blender software you have used for your model.

If you’re feeling generous why not add the models you create for this challenge to the Official Blender Model Repository and if you want to make your blend files available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported Licence just email them to me at [email protected] and I’ll host them on the website.

Any wireframes posted will be added to the voting thread (If you don’t know how to make a wireframe check out the tutorial)

Check out the website for the full list of rules, challenge archives and all the latest news.

Note: If you post up more than one render of your model (excluding wireframes) please state which one we should use for the voting thread.

It’s a two week challenge as I’m away for an academic conference next week.

Deadline: 18:00 GMT (12:00 Noon Central Time) 2010-07-09



Spark Plugs
Wallet with Coins



Question, may I post links to my entry images or is it preferred that entries be uploaded directly to BlenderArtists? Thanks,


Either is fine…

Not many people entering… Well here is my steelcut oats. I ran out of time on my gauntlet. I think it should always be two weeks.
I added other props. :smiley:


blackcougar: Thanks :slight_smile:

Pirate man: I believe so :yes: If you look at the gallery of previous challenges you’ll find people adding more elements to their scenes.

Here’s my lemons! All 3D work in Blender 2.5a2, textures hand painted from scratch in GIMP 2.6.

Entry image ------>
Wireframe ------>

And my sparkplugs :slight_smile:

Entry image ------>
Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Could we get a wireframe? How many verts per lemon?


Robo3dguy, How did you do the depth of field inn your image. On blender or edited on gimp?

Pirate: Approx. 50,000 verts per lemon.

I hope i can get done with the other part in time. Anyway this is what i have so far.

Ok, despite the reeaaally slow connection from the hotel cybercafe, I make it only one completed entry?
In which case, the winner this week is Robo3Dguy (love the spark plugs btw).

Following on from pirate__man’s comment, I’m fine with extending the limit from 1 to 2 weeks. It’s really up to the participants. If there’s more interest shown in the idea I can put it to a vote on the forums. Otherwise I’ll leave everything how it is… let me know :slight_smile:

2 weeks is way better for me. I have to work all day so I only have a couple hours each night to work on my project. It is enough time for one entry but not two.

The 2.5 compositor crashes Blender on my machine so I’m forced to use GIMP for operations like these :slight_smile:

blackcougar: 2 weeks sounds good :slight_smile:

What version of 2.5 are you running? When I use the alpha 2 version I have same problem but on the newer builds I have no problems at all.

Waiting for next challenge…

I’m cool with two week challenges if everyone else wants that, though it does go slightly against what is expected of this challenge being about the “weekday”. However, if you do decide on that, when I have more time for entry’s I might start entering twice and by so doing end up with all but two of the listed items.

P.S. heh, I think that a hardcore award (meaning extra respect, and pity on your lack of a social life) should be handed to anyone who does all six items (, decently,) in a challenge before it’s over.

I am using Alpha 2. It’s simply a matter of remembering to upgrade to a newer revision. :wink:

@ blackcougar:

Is there nomore contests? This is taking a long time.


Do you like 2.5 better than 2.49b? I do…

Sorry about the delay, I flew back to the UK yesterday and been in meetings ever since 8(
Not joking either, 8 hours of meetings today! Seriously, is the University trying to kill me?!? What with being unable to sleep on flights, I’ve had 4 hours sleep in the last 50 hours!

Moaning aside :P, I’ve just got on top of my urgent emails so should be putting up the challenge in the next hour. This will be a two-week challenge as it’s a bit late in the week for a normal one!

Can one of the items be a halberd? I* am in the middle of modeling one and would like to see what other people come up with.

I really can’t do that as it would be unfair to other contestants. I’ll put Halberd on my list for future items though…