Blender Week Day Challenge #0071 (VOTING CLOSED)

Welcome to the voting for the Blender Week Day Challenge #0071, entries thread here.

Completed Entries

(Deckchair + Unicorn + Unicorn (wf))

(Compass + Jellyfish)

(Cutlass + Unicorn)

Compass + Jellyfish)

(Compass + Whale)

Partial Entries


See for more info…

Are we allowed to vote?

Pirate__man, there was a discussion on one of these, (it might have been a weekend challenge though) I few weeks ago. it’s pretty split on what people think and why. I generally don’t vote in a contest I’ve entered unless 1) someone else is much better and I vote for them over myself. 2) I’m pretty sure that I’ll be breaking a tie, cause I hate it when that happens.

but to really answer you, no, nobody is going to care much if you vote yourself up in a weekend, or weekday challenge. Though if you do so and it’s obvious that no one would vote for the entry other then that they made it, you will look pretty dumb. (not saying that about yours, because it’s nice, just in general.)

@Pirate___man, yes you can vote. There are no voting restrictions, the only guideline is to vote for the best entry.

Congratulations to Robo3Dguy, Challenge #0071′s winner!