Blender Week Day Challenge #11 (Entries Closed) ROLLOVER

Welcome to the Blender Week Day Challenge #11! The rules are the same as last time. The participants are to pick three items off the list in all, two from one category and one from the other. An example would be to pick two from the organic list and one from the Inorganic list, and vice versa. Texturing is allowed, but include an untextured image of your model. The untextured image will be the one used in the voting thread. All the models should be original. You can use any software you want as long as you use Blender somewhere in your modeling workflow. Also please state any non-blender software you have used for your model.

Note: If you post up more than one render of your model (excluding wireframes) please state which one we should use for the voting thread.

18:00 GMT (12:00 Noon Central Time) Friday 12th October 2007


Human Hand
Common Foxglove


Bluetooth Handsfree Headset
Railway Track

NOTE: If you have any ideas on items for future challenge lists, please PM me or just post your idea in one of the challenge threads.

I think I’ll be able to do this one :wink:


The foxglove is the flower?


Yeah the foxglove is the flower Digitalis purpurea

Haha, good…

And btw… I like how the organic range, is…uh… better now :wink:


woo 2/3 done gonna post tomorrow i was already modeling a hand so i figured i might as well join

Ok so I decided to join this one. Didn’t have a lot of time and realized that I suck at modelling hedgehogs. No decent refs and no time to do it over so here goes nothing. At least I finished all three in time :yes: All models done purly in blender.
First off my renders with materials no textures applied.
and Rearview
The hedgehog :no: just in case you didn’t recognize it. Maybe next time I should try sculpting :smiley:

And here are the orthographics including wires taken directly from the modelling window.

I enjoyed this contest and I wished I had a little more time to do it. I learned some new stuff and I think I will try to participate more often. From all models I did for this contest I like the headset the most and the hedgehog the least.

how do you save just a render i allways take screenshots
nevermind ill never make it by 12 noon i have class but how do you save screenshots anyway

Just use the render button in the 3D Window. See the attachment.


After rendering, make sure the render window is highlighted and press F3. Then select where to save your file.

entries closed
Musk wins by default!
(like your hedgehog musk btw)

EDIT: Entries re-opened and deadline put forward to Friday 12th

Thanks blackcougar although it doesn’t quite feel like I won. Wish there was some competition :frowning:
Still I learned something new and it was good practice.

ill battle you next time dident have any time to finish untill 3 am today, not exactly within the boundrys

if you want musk we can roll over the challenge to next week…
first time this has happened!

there you go if you want to run the votes if you wish just so its not a win by default. wheelbarrow was a lazy job that i did at the last min. new headset

Musk how did you make the headset btw? i made mind lazily in 45 min intersect booleans which i knew what not a smart way to do it

I don’t mind if we roll over to next week. Maybe I’ll use the time to do some other organic stuff from the list.

@BionicGordon: I modeled mine and used Subsurf. With booleans I tend to get problems all the time. Don’t know exactly why but it might be because I don’t have enough vertices.

Some more stuff we could model:
Spider, Bat, Pumpkin, Broom (this is sort of a helloween list :slight_smile: )

thats what my one friend probably said you modeled from. i was rushing and used booleans which i also have problems using. that headset is amazing btw

Ok, entries have re-opened for the rollover.
New deadline is 18:00 GMT 12/10/07

musk and bionicgordon: just edit your original posts if you have any improvements on your original models

musk: thanks for the halloween ideas, we may use something along that line later this month

here are my pics, blender only. I m not sure if i have to post the wireframes, too…


no need for wireframes if you don’t want to post them.

They’re there mainly to give extra information on the model and it’s up to you if you want to post them or not.