Blender Week Day Challenge #11 (Voting Closed)

Ok, this is the voting thread for the Blender Week Day Challenge #11 (Entry Thread Here)

The categories were:


Human Hand
Common Foxglove


Bluetooth Handsfree Headset
Railway Track

Completed Entries





[/B] relledom


Incomplete Entries
Note: Feel free to post your work even if you can’t manage all three models in the time given


We have some excellent entries this week, enjoy!

I voted voted DeaDEnD

Loads of entrys(sp) this time!


Voted relledom as his hand model rocks!

btw I’ve started a Challenge Archive over on my website at:

Looks like a webshop. Are you gona sell thouse pic`s??

No (they aren’t my pics!, anyway I’m all for cc licences look at my sig :slight_smile: ), the add to cart thing is something that I haven’t worked out how to remove from the gallery yet.

EDIT: I think the cart option is gone now, I disabled a ton of plugins this morning and it isn’t there now. Do you mind checking again? The Archive isn’t finished yet anyway as I need to name and tag entries for challenges 1-10 and add a copyright sign saying everything is copyright to the respective artists.

Sweet… Much better now! :cool:

The voting for challenge #11 is stopping tomorrow.
I’ve given this one a bit longer than usual cause it was a two week challenge.
Meanwhile this week’s challenge has started on time in this thread

Check out the new banner!

Congratulations to DeaDEnD, winner of Blender Week Day Challenge #011

Thanks alot blackcougar! and thanks also to everyone who voted for me :slight_smile: