Blender Week Day Challenge #12 (Voting Closed)

Welcome to the voting for the Blender Week Day Challenge #12, entries thread here.

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Rugby Ball

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Note: I’m thinking about rolling over any future challenges where there are only two or fewer completed entries. Could I have all of your thoughts on this please?

i think its legit to rollover challenges with two or fewer. like last weeks rollover had a ton of entries. i get sidetracked alot because my modeling still isent very quick once it is im sure i wont have any problem making a week. im sure other people have the same problem

edit: either that or open the next entry’s thread when you close the one before (if you want to give people more time). the bulk of my modeling is done on friday and sat night because i dont need to wake up the next morning but then agian the weekday modeling is a good way to have time to work on other projects durring the weekend. and i dunno how many people in the weekday contests enter the weekend contests

I can try starting them earlier on a monday to give everybody a little bit extra time, maybe even late sunday night, but I really want to stay away from starting them earlier than that.
I know that not many people are likely to enter both the weekday and the weekend challenges at the same time but I want to keep that option open to people.

figured. just a sugestion. i wont be able to enter next weeks challenge . to many papers. and work on personal projects in blender

Voting Closed

Congratulations to BackBONE Blender Week Day Challenge #12 winner

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