Blender Week Day Challenge #63 (ENTRIES CLOSED)
Welcome to the Blender Week Day Challenge #63!

The list is made up of three organic and three inorganic topics and participants choose one of each category to model. Participants need to pick two items off the list to model (one from each category).

For examples of previous entries please see the gallery

All the models should be original. You can use any software you want as long as you use Blender somewhere in your modeling workflow. Also please state any non-blender software you have used for your model.

If you’re feeling generous why not add the models you create for this challenge to the Official Blender Model Repository and if you want to make your blend files available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported Licence just email them to me at [email protected] and I’ll host them on the website.

Any wireframes posted will be added to the voting thread (If you don’t know how to make a wireframe check out the tutorial)

Check out the website for the full list of rules, challenge archives and all the latest news.

Note: If you post up more than one render of your model (excluding wireframes) please state which one we should use for the voting thread.

Deadline: 18:00 GMT (12:00 Noon Central Time) 14th August 2009



Lacrosse Stick
Whiteboard and Markers

Might have to give this one a go

Nearly finished the strawberry, and thinking about doing the whiteboard and markers… fail.

going to do lacrosse stick.

EDIT: finished the strawberries - any crits on it?

Nearly finished the lacrosse stick… Wireframes if i have time

and here’s the stick:

BTW. The head of a lacrosse stick is painfully hard to model, especially all of the strings and leather


I am gonna try for this one as well

-place holder-

Here is my Strawberry:

The strawberries were done using an image texture and nodes to distort it, the nodes really wouldnt listen well, so this is the best result I got without too many headaches! The leaves are modeled and then bent using the Proportion tool (I think thats what its called).

Whiteboard and markers:

I tried using a specularity map for this one, but you really can’t tell. The Whiteboard is a cube scaled along its y axis to become very shin. the front has been set to a white material and the back is set to a cork image texture. The markers were made using 8 vertex cylinders, subdivided and then set toSphere. the cap was done in a similar way. The floor is a wood texture, the moulding is a cube edited with the proportion tool, and the walls are planes with a green material.


ill do a worm 'n a plough, might try for cartoon style, key word try ’ ’

…think I’m done with the worm, wont post the wire cos we all know what a cylinder looks like 'o0

…and the start of the plough, hoping to make it work by worm power ’ ’ if i can manage my time well enough.

nice entries every one,especially like the lacrosse stick and the art/graphic pens

…This is probably final image,worms were done with displacement modifier than normal mapped the plough uses a bevel modifier and all textures try for a toon look. I’ll put wires on in a few hours ill see if i cant make some improvements and some new grass or dirt.

Here are my entries:

I had a lot of fun with blender and yafaray this time.
Jezzabetz: great lacrosse stick!

Cool, I think I will make some things…

Edit: And here’s my go.

All blender. Made the marker logo in GIMP.


Thanks mate…

The Last Rookie: Did you hand model the seeds on your strawberry?

and yeah, jezzabetz, that lacrosse stick is really realistic!

im gonna try this one too
ok heres my horse ill post the other model later


Are the entries still open, or what? Because the two weeks is up

are we just waiting for alamikira’s entry?

@jezzabetz: You’re right, deadlines over, I’ll be putting the voting thread up later

Entries Closed

just use the horse