Blender Weight Painting

I am very frustrated with weight painting in Blender. I have been trying to soften the weighting between adjacent bones. I have tried smearing, blending and weight painting and I cannot get a soft edge. It just keeps moving the edge, but the edge does not soften

. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this?

To “soften edges”, I generally use the smooth vertex groups operation. Occasionally, I might use a vertex weight edit modifier with a custom curve.

But it should be said that a lot of people don’t at first understand that vertex groups are vertex data, not per-texel data, not per-sample data. The only thing that matters is the value at the vertex, and the gradient showed across the face is meaningless. If that’s the stumbling point for you, you might consider if adding more vertices would allow you to do what you want.

I tried smoothing vertices. That did not help much either. Thanks.

Adding vertices helped, but not ideal for me. Thanks.