Blender wiki in CHM format


I just spidered several days ago, and compiled a yet very basic (lack of index and extensive TOC) chm format. Anyone interested to give a review?

I have the text only version on my dropbox account here (6.77Mb)
I’ve make a complete one with images however that make it 100Mb. Originally the images accounted 180Mb alone, after optimization using optipng, gifsicle and jpegoptim I managed to make it half but still a big download for most people :frowning:

The file contain almost (just in case) every User Documentation for Blender 2.4x and Python API.
I also strip external links on images and change flash video into external link. In all, editing done with several regexes. I choose to keep using Wiki’s css thus I not sure if GnoCHM (using gtkhtml?) is able to display it correctly.

If anyone interested, I’ll upload the full images version. Hoping someone will mirror it.

New! Blender 2.5 Wiki Manual as July 23, 2010 with nice TOC (5.84Mb)


BTW I already created the final (still with poor TOC) chm (with images) as multiple files in my blog. If anyone insterested please mirror. I’d to know how it viewed in linux using gnochm too. Also you could integrate it with blender through popen() with command [CHMfile]::/index.php/[html pages]