Blender Wiki Offline Manual?

Is it possible to get an offline version of the Blender Wiki manual? I do not have a persistent net connection and it would be great to have locally.

there is a PDF download line at the top of the wiki page !


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Thanks RickiBlender. I must be looking right at it but I cannot see it. Any more info would be good. A bit more info?

sorry my mistake

it’s the API section that has a PDF near top of page

not the user manual
but there must be a place for it somewhere !

happy 2.6

but you could some other pdf intro to blender like these here

The 2.4x manual is downloadable on the blender wiki page :

But the 2.6x is not, maybe because it’s under reviewing as mentionned :

I found on the Blender wiki a section that explains on how to get a version of the wiki into a PDF formated book. But I found it’s not so clear on how to do the actual process :-(.

If not you can probably use the wget tools which can grab the entire web pages (this is probably what I am gonna do, as you simply give the starting url and it should go grab all the rest by following deeper url).

Thanks guys.

I used a program to make an offline version of the manual.