Blender will not run on my XP load.

(Die-SSector) #1

Blender locks up on start-up. I get the Python window, then chest pains. I am running XP on a Abit KG-7 with an AMD XP1800+ and 384 megs RAM. Video is a Gainward GEforce 2 VIVO Twinview running dual monitors. All drivers are current and all DxDiag tests pass fine. This is the only app I am having problems with. I am able to sucessfully recover to the desktop from the crash. XP load is an overlay of Win’98, I have a boot copy of XP but am too lazy to start from scratch. Suggestions? Or should I just bite the bullet and do a disk zero and scratch reload?

(Eric) #2

try running blender in windoze 95/98 compability mode.

(BgDM) #3

I am running XP-Pro. Runs fine for me. Are you using Home Edition? Could be the problem. I ran it on Home Edition and did not run as smooth.


(dreamsgate) #4

Xp home works fine here. Been using it for several months. Don’t know what to tell you.

(Dinklebrow) #5

Which drivers are you using? Are they the current Detonator drivers from nVidia or the drivers from the card manufactor? You can try to use an older version of the nVidia drivers.
Blender doesn’t use directX, it uses OpenGL. I have heard that there are problems with OpenGL on dual monitors (it is only supported on one of them at a time), so that may be your problem.