blender will not start and it crushes the windows!

i have windows xp,
i have an onboard video card SIS 315-315E
i used to run blender just fine before reinstallation of windows…
now i tried even reinstalling blender several times (now v2.40) to no help…
i suppose it is a video card problem but howto fix it? I also tried to get a newr driver from inertnet but there seems to be no xp drivers for this controller…
any advise? thanx!!!

Don’t you know, what driver you used before the new install?
AND: how could you use the gfx correctly without existing XP driver files?

Perhaps you should also check if you have minimum SP1 installed, additionally DX9.

The only advice I can give is to check your config step by step to reconfigure your system and get blender started.

I personally think the gfx drivers maybe the primary problem.

thnx 4 reply, man
yeaah i got SP2, now i reinstalled the newest Grapphic Card driver, and installed DX 9.0…still ti no success… :frowning:


BTW i tried to run 2.26 that cuold go without installation…and it is okey…

hmm, in fact very strange. I never had such probs myself.
please excuse, but here I do not see a solution yet.

no problem man, i am glraciious u r trying to help…BTW the news is that after some playing in 2.26 it crashes the windows XP too. Even the mouse wouldnt move…ctrl+alt +del doesnt work…dead end :o

huh, that’s bad! :frowning:
the only idea I have is to downgrade XP back to SP1 instead of 2; or better reinstall XP and only update to SP1, and then install gfx drivers and DX9.
But this idea comes mainly out of my inexperience with SP2, because I do not need it.

sorry, but that’s really my last idea now… :frowning:

Check your Video card settings, 32 or 16 bit colors and, in the Advanced Settings your Hardware Acceleration settings. They may have been reset.


hey fligh, this is just amazing
i thought already i would not fix the problem_
so I repat the solution 4 those that encounter these halts on windows

control panel> Display>Settings tab>Advanced>Troubleshooting tab …lower so much as to enable start blender

thanx again!!!

i suggest getting the latest opengl from

install it, and then…

Hi pitat450! Good to hear you’ve solved it!
So what was the solution? Dropping the hardware acceleration?
I have an SiS M760GX onboard controller for my laptop - it also has great difficulty with Blender. After posting my problems to the BugTracker, Ton said the problem was with SiS - apparently they’ve basically dropped OpenGL support. Bit annoying, eh?
My problem was that when I rendered, the whole PC crashed as the render box came up. The solution, as far as possible, was to enable DispView rather than DispWind (or whatever the option is).

yes drop it to the lowest level possible, see if it fixes the problem and the try to find the highest settings your configuration can stand running blender render…good luck man