Blender will not start, missing ordinal 261 in swscale-2.dll

Whenever I try to start Blender, it gets stuck at the startup console, and a window pops up saying “The ordinal 261 could not be located in the dynamic link library swscale-2.dll.” I have tried reinstalling Blender, unintstalling then reinstalling Blender, and restarting my computer. All of these let me star Blender once, but it crashed if I try to run it again afterwards. Help me.

Try to delete the Blender Foundation folder in your home directory (windows) or blender in .config (linux).
Get the Blender 2.67b zip file not the installer, expand and start from there.

Cheers, mib.

Some other unfriendly application must’ve written its version of swscale-2.dll into your library search path. The easiest way is to delete all versions of swscale-2.dll on your system, then reinstall blender. If some other applications ends up complaining about it then, reinstall that program. If the error re-occurs with Blender, then that program was the unfriendly one. Write a furious email to the authors of this program, telling them how incompetent they are.

Yeah, it turns out it is. I have this program, called Game Booster, which worked totally fine yesterday, but then I updated it from 3.5 to 3.7 and suddenly the screencasting function causes Blender to crash. Well, might as well let anyone else using it know.

Game Booster Fail :frowning: I knew I was too trusting with that crap. I was lead to Razer from a World of Warplanes forum, suggesting it as a possible fix for the client crashing at startup. It did NOT fix World of Warplanes and now it’s crashing my blender.
Thanks for the info, Din! Seeing as Razer was the only thing I’ve installed since Blender quit working I kind of figured it was the culprit, but you saved me from any guesswork.