Blender & Win7, getting along well?

Is anyone out here using B w/Win7 smoothly and safely?
I just got the DVD upgrade today, but I won’t install it unless it seems safe enough.

Thanks guys,


its working fine for me, just make sure you have the proper graphics drivers or else it will be kinda choppy.

I’ve been using them together with no problems for about 7 months now. Windows 7 is a beauty of an OS, it’s so much better than XP, and what I’ve seen of Vista. Make sure you use a Windows Aero theme, though, for some reason Blender runs better with this enabled.

is 2.5 running smooth on W7 x64?

Yes, as much as I’ve used it. It crashes when you do some things, of course, but that’s just because 2.5 still has some bugs.

sorry for the noobish-ness but… I’m planning on switching from 3DS Max to blender, but as i notice it’s a bit getting use to the community and working of an opensource project.

so I’m a bit confuzzled as to what installer i find where and what i need to get B 2.5 working on my W7 x64…?
do i need one of these
or get it here
or one of the other places…
and are these builds complete? i don’t have python on my system, do i need it to run Blender? read there are some difficulties for python on W7 x64…

thx for any clearing up

Those 2.5 builds are not complete, 2.5 is still very much in development.

2.49b is the most recent stable version, and you can download it at There is a 64-bit version available, and although it ran faster than the 32-bit, there were some scripts missing when I installed it so I don’t use it.

For 2.49b you should download Python 2.6.2 if you want full functionality, although in most cases it’s not necessary. I’ve had no problems running any version of Python on Windows 7 64-bit.

I’ve been running blender on Windows 7 for a while now, about ten months I think. On a 64-bit machine I’ve had no issues at all, nice and smooth.

Thx alexander. will try this.

@jwads, and are you using the versions alexanderL is suggesting?

What would be the proper graphics drivers? I have Blender 64-bit on Windows 7 [64-bit], and it ends up with menus doing a wipe away, and not selecting properly.

Go to the website of your video card (nVidia, ATi, etc.) and download and install the latest video driver for your model. If you’re using a chipset, graphics errors might be unavoidable, but they wouldn’t be the fault of Win7.

I get Microsoft c++ runtime library related crash right away when I run B2.5.exe. I do not have this issue with B2.49