Blender & Windows 7 - stupid combination

or why you shouldn’t use windows…

I have a laptop with Intel graphic card and windows 7 (I have and Linux :smiley: ) so… everytime I access the user preference, my Blender 2.5 crashes…
but I found an workaround…

here is the video demo :wink:

have fun guys :slight_smile:

anyway LINUX 10X Windows… sucks…ihhh

That bug it is more from the driver of the Intel graphics card. Next time search for nvidia powered laptop.

I have an X61 tablet pc Intel GMA 3100 and I acces preferences from the view icon down , I have reported this bug 5 months ago and it was settled to be an Intel driver issue.

That is it.

It’s just your graphics card, I have windows 7 on both my laptop and desktop, and it works great! Don’t get mad at Windows just because you’re naive.

Umm. You’re dissing Windows because a bleeding-edge alpha version is crashing on you?

I mean, come on. I never dissed Linux just because Blender didn’t work with my ATI Radeon Xpress graphics card… :stuck_out_tongue:

In my production environment with Adobe CS5 and Blender using Win7 is by far the best solution. Never had problems with it.