Blender, Windows, Chrome - A glitch?

Ver 2.82, Eevee, Windows 10.
I am a simple Blender hobbyist. Big fun. No GPU.
I’ve been keeping my eye on something.
Sometimes while I’m rendering and know it’ll take a couple minutes, I check the headlines, weather and socials on the net.

Back in 2.79, Internal, I could do this with no problems. But… occasionally in 2.82… I will get an unexpected crash.

Any one else?

Happily rendering.

No crashes when you dont browse? You can try another browser and/or update it.
I guess memory is running out then, you can monitor if you leave the taskmanager open an take a look at memory consumption. If this is the cause you could tweak the memory settings then.

Or start blender from commandline gives more precicse info:

If you have lagging browsing you can try set max cpus - 1 for blender threading in the performance tab.
But i doubt it is a processer issue.

UPDATE: It happened again.

Had Blender open, no problems.

Then, opened Chrome. (Had been offline up until then.)
Browsed briefly.

Then, restored Blender and rendered. BOOM! Non-Responsive.

Just curious, I think…