Blender windows flickering, button disapper and other problems

I installed blender on fresh Windows 7 installation (windows professional 64 bit, GTX5803gb, phenonx6 1090t, 16 gb ram, SSD 240 gb system and two HDD in raid zero for storing data). Strangely blender (2.74)appear soon very unstable, only to day three crashes (don’t remember blender unstable at all…). The other problem is the thje windows flickering:
without allert, when have another blender windows opened (i.e. user preference) upon the main blender windows, and from the other windows turn back to 3dview windows, blender maximize the wieport, and N and T panel disappears, calling some menu (W key menu) and flikering a bit but turn back at usual configuration. On the User preference windows the button for save/load configuration on widows button flikering and than disappears.
Very hard working in this way.

Any idea about?
A screenshot of the crazy console… seems he don’t digesting my previous setting/key configuration and addon, but never add before and I used this configuration from 2.71 (and even in 2.74, on the old installation working smooth…

These error often results from not updated Windows 7.
You need Service Pack 1, all updates, latest driver and so forth.

Cheers, mib

Thanks Mib2berlin

I updated Windows 7 and all updated drivers.

I see only now three updated are not installed:
Windows 7 x64 (KB3035132)
Windows 7 x64 (KB2598845)
Windows 7 x64 (KB3045171)

Anyone know how updated and install this three failed update?

Hi, it was mostly service pack 1 problem.
You can try to put one of these .dll in your Blender folder.
It emulate viewport drawing in software mode, it is slow but if it work it is a video driver problem

There was also several bug reports about but cant find it at moment.

CHeers, mib

Thanks again Mib2merlin,
I redone from scratch my blender config (again the keymap and addon) but blender random crash continue

Hm, it is maybe a corrupted config file or an addon.
Try to start blender from a terminal (cmd) with “blender.exe --factory-startup”.
I went out of ideas. :confused:
You could try to delete you Blender Foundation folder but you lost all settings.

Cheers, mib