Blender wine batch 2013!

Happy new year to you all, and blend as much as you like! :wink:


Really good job! Bottle’s shader is very nice…not simply flat!

Looks cool. Awesome composition, DOF and lightning. Though I think that it would be even more awesome if you paid more attention to bottle’s and bottle cap’s shaders. Especially cap would really benefit from some sort of texturing / displacement map, now it just looks too “cgi”

Really nice! How did you make the hay? Have you modeled it, or something else?I love it!

very good!!! beautifull image

Thanks for comments, i know i used displacement for the background blazon but not on the caps in 1st plan (it’s not logic), i will try modify it.

Good work!
I see two points: I think the glass is too grey, you may have to push the glass shader color to pure white.
And it’s strange to see a bung as the bottle is not opened.

excellent image! i agree with the previous comment regarding the cap. everything in the image is actually for me very convincing, except the cap. it’s much glossier than i’d except it to be, and it also seems to have very little thickness relative to the neck of the bottle. it almost look like it’s painted onto the bottle itself!

really like the packing straw or whatever they’re called. the randomness of them lends a realness to the overall image. very nice!

thanks for all comments, I will be more careful in my future compositions.:yes:

Like everyone said a bit less glossy and bit more rough cap. Also hay could be a bit narrower, a few closest to camera are visibly flat.

Absolutly love it. Especially Blender logo :slight_smile:

Very good vignette!

Really real.

Amazing attention to detail. Can’t find anything to crit on this one. Excellent! :slight_smile:

Did you use a particle system for the packing straw and if so how may I ask did you keep the straw from passing through or going into the bottle?

Looks great! bi or cycles or something else?