Blender - Winner of 3D World Award for Software Update 2012

Blender has been awarded the Software Update award in the 3D World CG Awards 2012

The award goes to the application that has received a sizeable update, introduced useful new features and new technologies to its user base while maintaining stability and useability
The awards are based on a user vote of the magazine readers.
Results are in the November issue of 3D World magazine


Congratulations Blender foundation -a well deserved award considering the amount ofnew features this year (and let´s not talk about bugs;)!

Thanks to all the developpers for make the best enjoyable 3D app.

Congratulations BF! Thanks to all who work or contribute to development of Blender.

I have been using a couple of different apps for years, but since the release of 2.6 I have made the switch to Blender, thanks to its development.
I see many others becoming Blender heads soon.
Congrats to the devs

Grats to the BF Team!

Blender won again? Cool :smiley: Congrats to all Blender developers!
And thank you Richard for the news.

Well done Blender Foundation. A worthy award for a great product. Thanks for all your hard work that makes all this possible :slight_smile:

Did we win any money?

Congrats to all the blender developers, you all did us proud.

I can only guess at all the sweat and hard work that happens behind the scenes. For what it’s worth – my appreciation and congratulations to the Blender team. Some day I want to be a contributor.