Blender wins the race!!

phew!.. so good to be back…

After several years of learning all my 3D theory on Blender I started venturing out into the world of commercial software… Lightwave 9.6 - 10, Messiah Studio, Octane, Zbrush (and some 3D Coat)… After 18 months of daily commitment to mastering those others (particularly lightwave and messiah), I found myself turning to Blender to actually achieve results. What was happening!..

The bright lights of the big city (ie quick renders, global illumination, big range of modelling and animation tools)… made me think that I had made the right decision… Lightwaves renderer, messiahs animation tools… sculpting, painting, animating… so much software to learn! 18 months later and I find myself using blender for everything… modelling, sculpting, texturing, render layers, dynamics (wind, smoke, particles), compositing, video editing, and nodes, nodes and more nodes!

And on my return what has Blender got for me… camera tracking, brand new render engine, new add ons and even better rigging and animation tools! I feel so guilty for having left!

I revisit the forums and re-join a community that is supportive, encouraging, motivating! Gone is the negativity of some of the high end forums and hello to… a community.

Good to hear from you that blender was able to satisfy your needs.
Now we are moving to Cycles:cool:
its a great beginning. We can hope to see improvements in all fields soon enough:D

As Karakasimov said I am also really happy for you hevjudo. I think that Blender is really good choise for those people who thinks the future. :slight_smile:

Welcome back to Blender. I tried to learn some big names in 3d Modelling, but settled for Blender. its easy to understand, powerful to work on, and Gives superb results. and the best thing about Blender is : IT EVOLVES.

You are totally right. This is one of the reasons I choose to stay with blender. With every update there is so much new awesomeness in Blender, it’s amazing!

love this guy :eyebrowlift:

Ha! Thats picture is funny, but mostly because I can totally tell that the lightning is the basic automatic lightning setup in Maya 1012. Blender advertised by Maya users? Well, Ill be darned