Blender Winter Camp vid

Hi all,

Here’s the video for the Blender winter camp warm up:


cool, thanks for posting! :3

Very exciting stuff, the representation of both coding and using is quite impressive. Can’t wait to see the outcome, but at the same time it’s great to see the process.

Here’s the WinterCamp agenda

3 days of discussion it seems, they may get to rendering topics in the very end.

good luck to them!

Rolled my 20-sided die, and am giving a +8 to the proposal to streamline things like UV mapping textures, I’ve been texturing a lot lately and it seems like a lot of switching back and forth between textures and materials, especially when considering you have a color, displacement, specular, normal and AO map per part. Maybe just making UV default when an unwrap is done would be a good start. Integrating the material and texture sets would be nice as well.

I wish I could understand what they are saying… :frowning:

I don’t know much about this event, but I was a bit surprised to see the informality in terms of agenda and goals in this meeting… seemed a bit like, “okay,” <shrugged shoulders> “… so what ya wanna do?” … “I dunno, wha’choo wanna do?” - a-la Jungle Book.

Do they follow any of the industry-standard system’s development models at these BI events?

It’s only the first day where they’re trying to narrow down the topics for the days ahead, I think it may be more structured today and tomorrow.

indeed, this was just an informal get together before the real thing started. the video was also heavily edited down from 2 hours to 12 mins, leaving out the more specific topics about interface design and the python api… i’m sure these are to be covered in depth in the actual discussions. it seemed at that time that for a quick overview this would suffice.


What are the industry-standard system’s development models?

i dont know, but the standard victoria secrets models look pretty good.

I work in a very successful publishing business in the software industry and I can verify, meetings are run the same everywhere. People bring up stuff, and communicate. It’s just like going out to dinner and discussing where you want to go with your project. Rarely do business meetings take on the formality of a senate hearing or anything like that.

Yeah, I think that would just kill the mood of the meeting. :confused:

@ndy: thanks for the background info. Also, just got the new 3DW - looking forward to going through the tut…looks great as always :eyebrowlift:

I do not think muzugnu was referring to the meeting itself rather the seeming lack of a agenda for developement.
In most bigger software developement teams you are using RUP or SCRUM or something similar to structure the developement work. Even most OSS has some form of roadmap and milestone system and I think that is what he was referring to.

Seconded. They should have the option to do the whole thing through the nodes panel. You should be able to have a ‘texture’ node where there is a file-browser drop down to locate your uv image. On that node you should have buttons for how you want to map the image to the model. Then you should be able to plug in different material types and so forth and adjust specularity and such from the node. I know a lot of this exists now, but its still tied to that awful old “multiple panels in multiple locations” system. Break it away and have it self contained! That is how a lot of modern texture systems work, like Genetica and so forth.

…yep, what he said. I’ve always heard that leadership is taking one’s followers where they want to go. I guess this was the bit of the meeting where the leader was finding out where the followers were wanting to go so he could take them there… :eyebrowlift2: