Blender wipes out smoke caches before rendering


I have rendered about 20Gb of smoke caches over night and after opening a scene,
blender WIPED OUT all the caches !!

This is definitely not right, am I doing something wrong ?
To be honest, could not come up with one reason why this could have happened and behavior is completely reproducible.

How do I use baked smoke cache for rendering if opening a scene wipes them out of disk ?
Is there a switch to be turned off or something like that ?

OK, I didn’t press “current cache to bake” button…

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Hmm… not really sure it is solved. I have just submitted my simulation job to farm.
So there are two things, one, new caches I am waiting for and two, the scene which will basically
wipe out my caches upon opening which is now processing on a farm. So, If I like my sim but want to go back to it and tweak couple parameters and will open, my caches are immediately gone, is this correct ?
Cache does not get wiped out only if button “current cache to sim” is pressed, but farm baking does not work with the button pressed, thus it is “unpressed”. Does it make sense ? Not only that, if I reque that job, is blender is going to wipe caches again ?

OK, so safest way would be to set output cache to an empty string and then override that value from a python script prior to caching and then copy all the frames back to server or keep copying them frame by frame from frame change callback. Does baking process trigger frame change callback ?